Friday, September 27, 2013

Kombucha and the State of Our Processed Food Bodies

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The general consensus is that you start losing your memory when you get older. You know, where are the car keys? what did I do with my book? where on earth is the cable for the camera that connects with the computer that connects with the printer etc... etc...

It's just the passage of getting old, right? Wrong.

Scientists are now linking gut floral or gut health with brain function. As we live more and more on a process food diet, and view fast foods as a staple - our gut health deteriorates to the extend it affects our brain function and our moods.

In fact, the further we move away from simple organic home cooked meals, fresh produce, fermented foods and good old fashion water; we are moving further and further away from good health.

Our gut health is also much more intrinsically linked with our weight. Don't believe me? just look at the rising obesity rate.

Read these excellent articles about food and how it affects our bodies and behavior here and here.

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