Monday, September 9, 2013

Oolong Tea for Kombucha

A small tea pot filled with loose leaf Oolong
A small tea pot filled with loose leaf Oolong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many people ask what is the best tea for Kombucha and my answer is always whatever tick your boxes.

Seriously though, I would steer away from teas that have too much flavoring and perfume and stick with the tried and tested for Kombucha.

Now if you like a bit of flavoring and fragrance, there is nothing to say you cannot add it after the brewing process.

One of my favorite teas for brewing kombucha is the semi fermented Chinese Oolong tea.

Drunk by the Chinese for centuries to help digestion, rejuvenate the body and improve concentration, it is a great complement to kombucha.

Find out more about Oolong tea here

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