Friday, October 25, 2013

Kombucha Tea Will Help Achieve A Flat Tum

Humans carry pounds of human waste in their intestines. Some unfortunately have been there for far too long.

If your digestive system is not good, not only will you look bloated and have a protruding stomach, you will also compromise your health as the waste inside you festers and poisons your body.

Fasting is a good way to cleanse your system. Plenty of good quality water, some gentle exercise and no food for a day to a few days and your digestive system will have time to adjust, re-group, revitalize and eliminate all the unwanted accumulated waste.

Eating raw and eliminating meat produce is also a good way to clean your insides. The easier it is for the body to digest foods (such as fresh fruit and vegetables), the easier it is for waste to pass through.

When you eat properly and digest at an optimal level, your stomach will look flat. Continual flushing with water and some diluted fruit juices (such as lemon and green vegetable juices) will help maintain a nice flat tum. Of course, you need to exercise but it will be a whole lot easier if your digestive system is good.

You can also drink kombucha tea. Kombucha tea has the ability to help flush out unwanted waste. It is probiotic and has living digestive floras that will help your intestines to get rid of unwanted matter inside you.

Your skin will look better too and you will have more energy. So people, start drinking that home brew kombucha tea!

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