Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Triple Probiotic Whammy

I Love Your Guts Anatomy Embroidery Hoop Art
I Love Your Guts Anatomy Embroidery Hoop Art (Photo credit: Hey Paul Studios)
So I have been taking the recent gut health news seriously and decided to do something about it. I really do think (after reading quite a bit about how the state of our gut directly affects not only our physical health but our mental health also) we all need to take some sort of action towards upping the good bacteria in our gut.

Eating yogurt and all is fine but I wanted to take it one step further whilst seeing if I can  incorporate kombucha tea into the equation.

I have been interested in the probiotic powder sachets from Japan call Threelac for a while now. The company blurb is :

Threelac is a lemon-flavored, nutritional food supplement composed of three live bacteria: bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis. Additionally, Threelac contains fiber, yeast (as food for the bacteria), and vitamins, all added to support your daily health and wellness needs. 
(you can buy Threelac on Amazon and read what others have to say about it)

Reading people's comments on various forums (mainly Candida sufferers) and reading up about it spurred me to give the stuff a try.

I started about two weeks ago and although I feel better myself, I actually had comments from friends to say my complexion looks better too. Maybe it was the lighting, but it did make me feel good and all I could think of was my new found probiotic powder friend Threelac.

Then one of my friends told me she took colloidal silver to maintain good health. Just a teaspoon a day of the stuff mixed in with a juice or some water and that's her done for the day. Now colloidal silver is quite controversial with articles in Mayo Clinic and Web MD saying no actual scientific proof has been established for it (warning : take it at your own discretion and be aware it may not be for you. I am not a doctor and you need to get this checked out with a medical professional before you take this or any other dietary supplements.) but there are testimonials of people who say they have benefited from taking it.

Anyway, I am taking Threelac and adding a teaspoon of colloidal silver into some juice. I am toying with adding kombucha tea but am not sure if it is a good idea - too much of a good thing could be a bad thing and all that. So I am drinking this mixture twice a day and so far so good. I feel more energized and my body feels less sluggish. I won't carry it on indefinitely, but I will do it for 2-3 weeks, give it a break,  and then carry on with kombucha tea.

Is this the answer to better gut health? Who knows? but it sure beats drinking sugary soda or some pre-fabricated 'health' drink that does more harm than good.

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